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Khớp nối AC6-R1/8

Khớp nối AC6-R1/8

Giá : Giá được báo tại thời điểm yêu cầu

Mã sản phẩm : AC6-R1/8

Phạm vi ứng dụng

No jigs or tools are required for connecting tubes to this connector. Degradation of the surface is minimal and elution of copper ions into the liquid is also prevented.


Configured Specifications

Types [One-Touch Couplings] Push One Fitting Fitting Type [Screw Mounting, Direction] Screw Mount Direction
Applicable Fluid Water / Air Body Material Flame Retardant PBT Resin
Application For general air pressure Thread Material Brass
Seal Material Special NBR Screw Mounting, Direction [Straight] Connector
Applicable Tube O.D.1(φ) 6 T Screw Size 1/8
Types of connection screw R Operating Temperature Range (Air During use)(℃) -20~80
Operating Temperature Range (Water During use)(℃) 0~40 Plating Process Electroless Nickel Platin