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We  Hanex are
pround of being one of the best suppliers in the food and beverage industry with chemical, materials, tools, equipment,... for production activities of many big manufacturers in Vietnam.  

many-year working, we have built for ourself the ability of providing 
at the best service regime in order to meet the customer requirements in a full and timely manner. 

main products come from the world famous brands such as Stockmeier & Chemie, Scents&Blends, CooCa, Filmtex, INDEVA,
DEMAG, Raku, Nitta-Moore, CEJN, Selic...

We are always for customers satisfaction and sustainable
development with the differential value created


and Mission:

To be
a professional trading company bringing differential value to our customers, to
contribute to customers success, development and intergration.



Certification No. 0102035608 by Hanoi DPI on 21/08/2008, re-issued on